Aprilog - IC Adapters & Test & Burn-in IC ZIF Sockets

We manufacture & stock IC adapters for QFP, TQFP, QFN, MLF, SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TSOP, VSOP, SOP, PLCC, PGA & SOT packages and stock test sockets by Enplas, Plastronics, Sensata (Wells-CTI) and Yamaichi.

Aprilog provides emulator adapters for Microchip PICs, 80C51, ST11, Freescale 68HC microcontrollers, programming adapters, logic analyzer adapters, breadboarding & prototyping adapters, debugging pin monitor & signal isolation adapters, correction & IC footprint upgrade adapters, and ZIF socket to SMT pads adapters. We also build custom adapters to your specificaions.

Test Sockets

ZIF Test Socket Saver
Pin Receptacles

ZIF Sockets to SMT Pads

Switched Signal Isolator
Pin Monitor Adapters

Test Pin Monitor
Logic Analyzer Adapters

Breadboarding Adapters
SMT Devices & Sockets

In-Circuit Emulator Adapters

PLCC Sockets to SMT Pads

PGA Adapters to SMT Pads

Programming Adapters

Pitch Converters
IC Footprint Conversion Adapters

SMT Component Carrier
PCB Plug-On Adapters

Surface Mount Base Connectors

SMT Pad Adapter Bases

Pin Receptacles and PCB Pins

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Aprilog is a Division of Enable Engineering Co., Inc.